We are proud to introduce “The SMIDSY Bike Build”! Along with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Antique Motorcycles the build is demonstrating that a custom built bike can be cool & safe. Sometimes when customizing we forgo safety features in pursuit of a certain look & whilst it looks great sitting out front of your favorite café, you’ve compromised your safety on the road.

SMIDSY, standing for ‘Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You’, is a long running campaign championed by Maurice Blackburn aimed at making road users more aware of motorcyclists on the road. Up to 70% of accidents involving a motorcycle are caused by another driver & too often the other driver will state they simply didn’t see the motorcycle. What you wear & how you ride are a big factor in you getting home again safely but often over looked is the motorcycle itself. The SMIDSY Bike Build is going to take a 1986 BMW K100 tourer & produce a great looking custom motorcycle that is a safe bike to ride too.

The K100 is somewhat of an ugly duckling at first glance, by todays standards at least. However with minimal effort you can produce a real head turner, & that’s part of the reason for the popularity. Simply removing the fairing reveals a fantastic naked bike underneath & exposes a low sitting motor with a unique shape. From there the only limitations are your imagination & how much you are willing to spend. The motors are reliable though after 30 years it will definitely need a strip down. Being built in ’86 this bike pre-dates a lot of BMW’s modern safety tech so the challenge for Antique Motorcycles will be to ensure everything is up to standard before any customizing takes place. 
That includes checking: 
- Brake lines & throttle/clutch cables
- Brake Disc and Calipers
- Engine internals, cooling, oil lines & fluids
- Frame
- Suspension & controls
- Switchgear, lights and indicators

With safety first firmly in mind, Antique Motorcyles will be going over this bike with a fine tooth comb!

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks as we reveal the style and direction the SMIDSY Bike Build will take.


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