Custom Mustangs

It all started with a car! Not just any car, a 66 black Mustang Coupe. BLKPNY.

We bought our first Mustang in 2005. When it arrived we had to find a few parts for it.

After looking around for a while we found there was not really a place locally to buy parts at a good price.

That is when we started to import parts direct from America ourselves.

With an interest in the LED tail lights we started by contacting Mustang Project and found that there were no dealers locally so we decided to become a dealer ourselves.

We then bought our tail lights and cosmetic parts we required to make our BLKPNY stand out.

We then had friends who wanted parts for their cars also, so we ordered and imported parts for them.

Then their friends wanted parts and so forth and so forth.

Soon enough we had become dealers for many major dealers including Scott Drake, Daniel Carpenter, California Pony Cars. NXT Generation, Mustang Project, Dakota Digital, Total Control Products, Electric Life with more being added all the time.

We are a family business, working directly online. So we are only as far away as your mail box.

We have fast and reliable shipping throughout Australia as well as to some other countries too.

With a large selection of in-stock parts and no-hassle special ordering from our entire line of manufacturers

Custom Mustangs is the result of a combined 25 years + of Spare Parts department experience, plus a love of Mustangs, Racing and cars in general. We have been building street and race cars for nearly 20 years.

 With a combination of over 35 years experience in the parts industrie, both Stephan and Robyn have a passion for making all vehicles stand out from the crowd in their own way.

We are committed to making your Pony Stand out from the Heard.

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