Hughes Stepside Bodys

We specialize in: 

                *Reproduction fiberglass panels for Ford F1, F100’s and Chev Pick ups

                * Stepside Bodys for a large range of pick ups and utes

                * Chassis componenets

                * Turn Key Restorations

                * Independent front end conversions


Ford F100 Wrecking  from 1953- 1978- Early ford parts available 

Bodies can be purchased in Kit form or Welded together ready to fit your chassis or Fitted & Painted 

Sport Truck & American style Stepside Steel Bodies with Fibreglass mud guards and running boards 

Jag Front and rear conversions 

L300 Front end conversions


Open Monday to Friday 8am- 5pm

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Hughes Stepside Bodys

Hughes Stepside Bodys

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