Jane Kits

Jane Kits produce a range of kits that allow the handyman, restorer, factory owner, or manufacturer to do their own electroplating in house which is economical and convenient.

These amazing home plating kits, allow professional electroplating results to be obtained in your own workshop.

To be able to plate your parts at home or as a part of your business is economical, time saving and you will not have the problems of lost parts or work that is not satisfactory.

We are a proudly Australian company, family owned and have been operating for 12 years.  we have a combined experience of over 60 years in the planting industry.

Jane Kits first commenced due to the problems faced by restorers having difficulty organising their parts ect to be successfully plated by professional plating shops.  These problems include but are not limited to poor plating, lost parts and lead time.

Facing these same problems restoring old historical bikes, John decided to source and create his own plating kits and hence jane Kits was born.

We are open from Mon- Fri- 9 to 5 pm

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