Jet Hot Coatings


JET-HOT Sterling: As the name implies JET-HOT Sterling contains silver powder. This metal gives JET-HOT Sterling an improved shine without compromising on corrosion protection. Sterling shines with the best look yet in high-temp, high tech coatings. JET-HOT ® Sterling™ provides lasting beauty. Its appearance shares the brilliance of chrome and the subtly of nickel. Other metallic-ceramic coatings look dull in comparison. The RMS numbers (a measure of smoothness) demonstrate how far JET-HOT has jumped ahead of other coatings. With the addition of silver powder to our exclusive formula, we have beautified our coatings by a factor of six on the RMS scale while improving performance.

JET-HOT Hi-Lustre has chrome like highly polished aluminium appearance and JET-HOT silver has satin appearance and both from the Metallic Ceramic family of coatings. Corrosion Resistance as tested in Accelerated Salt Spray tests have proven that JET-HOT last over 5 times longer than other Metallic Ceramics, more than 14 times longer than Chrome, and over 140 times longer than HI-TEMP paints. HI-TEMP Fatigue Resistance test have shown after 10-million stress cycles over 300 hours at 538c (1000F), that uncoated 403 stainless steel had a fatigue strength of 56,000 psi and JET- HOT

JET-HOT Coating can not be penetrated by Petrol, Brake fluid, Oils or Antifreeze. The coating provide protection against Rust or Oxidization of metal surfaces from normal to extreme temperature environments up to 704c (1300F) High Alkaline compounds will dissolve the coating

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