Price Qualifiers

Including Govt Charges

The term “Including Govt Charges” means that the price as stated includes all government imposed duties, charges, taxes (including GST), transfer fees and stamp duty. The term “Including Govt Charges” can be used interchangeably with “Drive Away” as it signifies the total costs associated with acquiring the vehicle (but not including costs such as comprehensive car insurance). Please note that Dealers may not be able to provide the determinative cost of Government Charges unless and until your specific circumstances (e.g. driver history, geographical location, intended use of vehicle) are taken into account.

Excluding Govt Charges

When the term “Excluding Govt Charges” appears next to a vehicle price in listings, this means that the stated price excludes government-imposed duties, charges, taxes (excluding GST), transfer fees and stamp duty. The price will include the vehicle purchase price, GST and the cost of fitted vehicle options and accessories.

No Price qualifier

Where Dealers have not qualified the listed price as “Including Govt Charges” or “Excluding Govt Charges” we recommend that you clarify the price with the dealer.

Both by law and by the JUST AUTO Network Terms & Conditions, dealer advertisements should include the vehicle purchase price as well as any tax, duty, fee, levy or charge payable by the Buyer to the Seller for the supply of the vehicle. Please be aware that Dealers are not required to include in the listed price an amount representing any tax, duty, fee, levy or charge that is, by law, payable directly by a Buyer to the Government. We recommend you to contact your local State or Territory tax office to determine precisely what financial liabilities you may incur as a result of purchasing a vehicle from a Dealer. Please also be aware that the extent of such liability (including costs such as stamp duty) may be dependent on circumstances of which the Dealer is unaware, such as your driving history and the intended use of the vehicle.