Arguably the ultimate police car, the latest police-spec version of Lamborghini’s Huracan V10 AWD super sports coupe has hit the streets of its home country.

A Huracan 'Polizia' is already in service in Rome, but this new version will be employed in Bologna.
Used for highway patrol work, as well as first aid and emergency medical transport, the Polizia runs the same 445kW V10, all-wheel drive and lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium chassis as the regular Huracan, but adds a number of police-spec features, including a VHF radio, gun holsters, an on-board computer, recording equipment and video camera, as well as a defibrillator and a special refrigerated section in the front luggage compartment for fast, chilled transport of human organs for medical emergencies.
Lamborghini says the existing Huracan Polizia was used for a number of such emergency organ deliveries in 2016.
At the handover of the latest Huracan Polizia, Lamborghini also presented the Rome police with the 2009 Gallardo Polizia which had previously been in Lamborghini’s Museum and will now go into the Highway Patrol Auto Museum in Rome. 

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