Build Your Own Car Introducing Stryker by ACR Industries, a car kit handcrafted in Australia and developed to accept the majority of components sourced from a single-donor vehicle - the Ford FG Falcon sedan. A hand built sports car with all the refinements of a factory finished production vehicle.



The philosophy behind this design is to allow the home car-builder an efficient and rewarding experience.

Our Stryker body-chassis units are supplied to the customer pre-assembled with the body panels attached to the chassis, the doors, bonnet and boot all hinged and aligned and the windscreen fitted.


Our all aluminium monochoque chassis has been designed to be as safe and rigid as possible while retaining minimal overall weight. The chassis comes finish-welded with the majority of mounting points and tabs in place to accept the Falcon components with minimal alterations and additional parts required for correct fitment.

Inside our spacious interior we can accommodate occupants over 6’5’’ tall, with ample leg room and excellent visibility.



Our hand-laid fibreglass body panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards and engineered to complement our unique chassis design. We now offer both Roadster and removable Hardtop versions of the Stryker with the soft top roof currently in development.


Powertrain Options

Our initial design is configured to use modern Ford 6 & 8 cylinder engine and transmission combinations with further options available on request.

Concept Criteria

Access to locally manufactured components.
Ease of compliance with various Governing body regulations for road registration.
Engineered to make the process of building your own car simple and straightforward.
Made in Australia

Body-Chassis Unit - $25,000
Price and Specification are subject to change without notice


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