Volvo has introduced two fuel-efficient XE drivetrain packages to its 16-litre D16 engine for long haul applications in North America, which may also be offered in Australia.
The first, a heavy-spec’ XE16 package rated for combination weights up to 64.86 tonnes was designed specifically for the North American heavy long combination vehicle market. The second XE16 package combines exceptional fuel efficiency with outstanding performance for five-axle tractor semi-trailer combinations up to 36.28 tonnes.
“XE16 directly addresses the needs of two important market segments that historically have had very few fuel-efficient powertrain options,” said Ed Saxman, Volvo Trucks drivetrain product manager. “The beauty of Volvo’s XE powertrain is that it delivers the full power and low-end torque needed for higher weight applications while saving fuel by running at a lower rpm.”

The XE16 packages ‘downspeed’ the engine at cruising speeds by 200rpm or more than traditional specs. Each package utilises a new D16 engine rating of 500hp and 2780 Nm of torque, Volvo I-Shift automated gearbox, specialised axle ratios, specific tyre sizes and proprietary software that facilitates seamless communication among Volvo’s integrated powertrain components.

The XE16 provides the full torque while running as low as 1,000 rpm to improve low-rpm driveability. Key enablers of XE16’s low engine speed technology include the exceptionally powerful Volvo Engine Brake, as well as massive connecting rods with large bearing surface areas that help alleviate bearing stress.

Volvo first introduced its ‘downspeeding’ concept in September 2011 with the XE13 powertrain package, which utilises Volvo’s 13-litre D13 engine.

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